LoanPro - Loan Management System (LMS)

LoanPro’s Loan Management System (LMS) focuses on everything in the loan lifecycle after a loan is acquired. You deploy the funds and LMS will help you get them back. This includes automated communication, lifecycle event wizards, collections, payoff, and everything in betweeen.

Never Feel Behind Again

With LMS as your system of record, tasks will be automated, notifications will be timely, and lending processes will be easy to follow. Let LMS put you back in the driver’s seat.

It's Your Data

Access data directly through our API or your dedicated database. Your loan management system shouldn’t make you work for your data, your data should work for you.

The Foundation of your Loan Servicing

LMS is the technical foundation for great loan servicing. Be prepared for everything from customer interactions to data analysis.

We are the Knowledge Base

We have been working with lenders of all types for over 10 years, and we understand your business. Experience the unique peace of mind that comes from working with a partner who understands your business from the 50,000 foot view all the way into the weeds.

Secure Payments

The payment options you want, the payment security you need.

Integrated Payment Processors
Encrypted Payment Profiles
Monthly Payments
$ 10000000
Monthly Dollars Processed
data breaches

0 Data Breaches

True Security

Bank-card information should be stored and handled in a secure way. To facilitate security, a data standard for payment card information was created. Unfortunately, an estimated 91% of online retailers are not PCI Compliant, which puts customers at financial risk.

LoanPro’s Secure Payments maintains the highest-level PCI certification, keeping customers’ payment card data secure. Secure Payments is scrutinized annually in an external audit to make sure we maintain the required standards in both technology and procedure. Any significant changes to the platform require a third-party penetration test before they can be implemented.

Secure Payments provides high volume, accuracy, and security.



$ 1000000
Monthly Payment Processing
$ 40000000
Annual Payment Processing


$ 1000000
Monthly Payment Processing
$ 1000000
Annual Payment Processing

Bank Card

$ 1000000
Monthly Payment Processing
$ 1000000
Annual Payment Processing

Tried and Tested Payment Processors

Secure Payments integrates with both bank-card and ACH processors. We have a thorough vetting process for each of our integrated partners. This includes verifying the processor’s PCI Compliance, testing their customer service, and ensuring that their solution is reliable.

Our goal is to find processors that will accept our customers and provide them with a high-quality experience.

  • ACHQ
  • Actum
  • Repay
  • LoanPaymentPro
  • VersaPay
  • EFT Canada


NACHA (US) and CPA-005 (Canada) Payments

Many of our large customers work directly with a financial institution to process payments. Secure Payments will generate NACHA and CPA-005 files and provides an easy upload for return files, which automatically changes transaction statuses and documents return codes.

If you prefer to do your own transaction scrubbing and build your own file, Secure Payments provides built-in transaction batching, and our support team can provide guidance to ensure transactions are processed correctly.


LoanPro’s Connections service will facilitate getting and sending the right information. This application is our hub for integrated services to make our Loan Management Service (LMS) product more functional and more convenient.

While some of these services are free, others are not. Separating these integrations from our LMS gives you a central location where services can be turned on and off to help you control costs.

When Is Outside Data Required?

Every company is unique, and your process may not require outside data. Many lenders look to sources or data aggregators for things like credit scores, OFAC SDN list, VIN decoding, and more. Connections links to these and other services in case you need them. Every Connections service is integrated directly with LMS.

The Importance of Communication

The communication piece of Connections includes integrations with Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES), SMTP, an SMS text-messaging service, and an automated mailing service.

LMS events and triggers can be used to send custom, template communications when specific loan events occur or conditions are met. LMS + Connections communication is a powerful combination that will help you stay on top of notifying your customers.

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