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LoanPro’s Loan Management System (LMS) is unlike any other loan servicing software on the market and focuses on the aftermath of lending. As the user, you deploy the funds, and the LMS will help you focus on getting them back through automated communication, lifecycle event wizards, collections, payoffs, and more.

Why Choose Our Loan Servicing Software?

Finding the best loan servicing software for your business is not an easy decision. As a business owner, LoanPro knows that you need reliable and trustworthy software. Here’s why you should choose LoanPro’s Loan Servicing and Management Software (LMS).

Unlike many other providers’ software, LoanPro will automate your tasks, notifications will be timely, and the lending process will be easy to follow. There is no need to update and catch up on anything—it’s all done for you, right in one spot.

Other providers don’t always make it easy to find what you need. With our LMS, you can easily access any information you need through reports or via the API. You’ll have your own database at the tip of your fingers, which means there’s no mystery behind your loans.

The LMS is not only a database for your loans, but can also be a one-stop for everything a lender needs. Through our LMS, you can be prepared for everything, including borrower interactions (e.g., paying early), data analysis, and more, all with support from our dedicated team.

How The LMS Can Help Your Business Run Smoothly?

LoanPro is a configurable, out-of-the-box platform with an enterprise focus. From the point of funding on, LoanPro helps you guide borrowers through the complete loan lifecycle, all the way to collections. The availability of your data through our API and dedicated database options works hand-in-hand with our feature set to accommodate loan servicing and payment processing on a large scale.

The LoanPro LMS is fully-automated software that leaves no room for error. As qualified as a loan servicing team may be, there is always the possibility of human error. Automation guarantees everything is done with complete accuracy, right down to the very last number.

Keeping track of collecting debt is one of the biggest challenges that comes with being a loan provider. It’s not uncommon for providers to end up in debt. However, LoanPro’s LMS can identify critical situations that tell you which accounts need to be collected immediately. Quickly identify where your money is, set payment dates, prevent delays, and much more.

Automation serves yet another vital role, and that’s to save you and your team time and money. Instead of spending crucial work hours posting payments, creating accounts, and leafing through important clients, LMS does it all for you. Tedious, day-to-day work that would typically take hours to research, document, and compute can be done in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, it becomes simple to process thousands of accounts.

With more time, more money, and fewer mistakes, you’re able to put your best foot forward and focus on connecting with customers. You can better spend your time servicing your clients and lead generation so that you can build a more significant client base, which in turn, means maximizing your revenue.

How Our Loan Management Software Works

LoanPro’s Loan Management System focuses on the loan lifecycle after origination, emphasizing letting you create and configure wizards to fit your servicing processes. From the beginning to the end, our LMS includes funding, servicing/connections, payoff/closing and everything in between.

Worried About Using a New Loan Management System?

Transitioning to a new loan management software can indeed be challenging, but our team helps enterprise lenders bring loan servicing in-house with ease. The team at LoanPro has an in-depth understanding of nearly every lending model and helps with configuration and integrations. We can figure out how your operations work and configure the processes you want for your business. No matter where you’re coming from, LoanPro can help get you up and going with personal support and customization for your loan management needs, which is why we are trusted by some of the biggest names in lending.
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Key Features

You already know that LoanPro LMS can help your business with data and time management by providing efficient, error-free outcomes. But beyond that, LoanPro also offers other important key features.

  • We are built on our own API

    Keeping our interface simple, clean, and usable is our priority, which is why our LMS uses its own application programming interface. This means that your system will always be up-to-date and running smoothly. Best of all? You can easily add LoanPro to your existing systems with API integration.

  • We are scaled to accommodate any size company

    Because LoanPro is built on the AWS cloud, we can take on any company of any size. Our focus is on enterprise lenders, which are large-scale companies with in-depth business models. No matter your company’s scale, LoanPro has got your back.

  • We offer many advanced features

    With LMS, you can automate your customer interactions, create customer portals, and create multiple user accounts with customizable restrictions. Designed to make your customers and servicers enjoy the experience, the interface is customizable and straightforward so that you can automate everything.

  • We are always here to help

    Converting to a new lending platform can sound daunting, which is why our team is here to help! We'll be here to make the transition as quick and easy as possible, but we don't stop there. Even after you've launched on LoanPro's LMS, our support team is always available for questions, troubleshooting, or even general lending advice. We're here to help!

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