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Fintech Business Weekly with Rhett Roberts

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Riff on a Lift: Modernizing the core and the next generation of fintech

Fintech Confidential: Transforming loan management with Rhett Roberts

The Org3D Podcast: Growing tech fast with Rhett Roberts

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Shift with Elena Agar: Shaping the future of finance with Rhett Roberts

Leaders in Payments with Rhett Roberts

Lending Link Live: Nate Bray explores how transaction-level credit is redefining card programs

Unlearn: Unraveling partnership prowess with Nate Bray

Accrued Episode 10: It’s time for an OS upgrade with Anthony Peculic

The Lindsey Hadley Podcast: Utah’s newest billion dollar unicorn company with Lloyd Roberts

Innovation and Leadership: Billion dollar tech cofounder turned philanthropist with Lloyd Roberts

The Real Maxime: The Fintech Series with Lloyd Roberts

Mint Arrow: Become More with Lloyd Roberts

Being Human: G Cubed with Lloyd Roberts

Accrued Episode 11: How does Fintech scale? with Scott Johnson

Accrued Episode 9: Fintech is here to stay with Joyce Mehlman

Accrued Episode 8: Unlock the Power of Personal Loans with Joe Heck

Accrued Episode 7: Passions to Purchases with Mike Dushane

How went from 0 to 30,000 customers in 12 months

Accrued Episode 5: Sponsor Banking Redefined with Brian Fishbein

Accrued Episode 4: Pulling Threads, Pushing Boundaries with Raphael Reznek & Sam Pause

Accrued Episode 3: Hubris Kills Banks with Brent Beardall

Accrued Episode 2: Learn from Banking Past with John Maxfield

Fintech Evolution: Inside LoanPro with Colton Pond

3x collections efficiency: Transforming customer interactions with LoanPro

A unified platform to launch next-gen credit card programs

Sustainable Innovation: A technical deep dive on building platforms, systems & culture

Driving lenders towards optimal efficiency

The power behind relationship-focused partnerships

How a tech-forward platform powers lending innovation

The benefits of a flexible platform that is built for speed

How Best Egg reduced default rates through streamlined payments and collections

Why Best Egg won the J.D Power Award for best borrower experience

How Best Egg launched two innovative programs in 60 days

How Best Egg increased customer satisfaction during the COVID-19 pandemic

Automate SCRA compliance effortlessly with LoanPro

How this auto lender achieved 10x efficiency by switching from AutoPal to LoanPro

Keep borrowers informed, engaged, and paying with LoanPro’s automated Communications Suite

How Loot consolidated its loan portfolio for sustainable growth with LoanPro

How this consumer lender reduced manual labor by 3x and loan delivery times by 97%

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eBook | Lean into Lending | Volume 3

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eBook | Lean Into Lending | Volume 2

eBook | Lean Into Lending | Volume 1

Payments Innovations Podcast

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LoanPro New Office Grand Opening (2021)

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