Third-Party Services

Connected services to simplify your data lookup, verification, and communication.

What is Connections?

Connections is a hub for integrated services that can be used either directly in the Connections interface, or in other LoanPro products.

Currently, Connections services either send or receive information that will be useful to some part of loan servicing. You can choose whether a service is appropriate to your style of lending, and you’ll have the option to turn it on or off for your users.

LoanPro LMS + Connections

Simply put, Connections make the LoanPro LMS easier to use. The integration between these products is seamless, so you may not notice when Connections is doing its thing; your tasks may just be easier. Our Connections Team is always evaluating new services to find the cutting-edge services that will help LoanPro customers the most.

You can use the combination of our LMS and Connections to send communications based on loan events or triggers, lookup or verify customer information, decode ZIP codes or VINs, and more. When Connections services are used with LoanPro’s LMS, they can use loan data to make the more powerful and upgrade your loan servicing.

Connections Services

Amazon SES icon

Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES)

Amazon’s Simple Email Service is the default Connections email service. SES is the easiest way to send email based on loan events and triggers. This means you can set recurring email communication to fire off based on the condition of a loan or specific actions taken on the loan.
This service will cut down on the time your servicers spend contacting customers. It will help with everything from birthday messages to payment receipts. No signup is required.
SMTP icon

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

You can easily integrate your own email server using SMTP. Connections lets you add credentials for your own mail server or service. This will allow you to use your favorite email service directly inside LoanPro.

Automated Mailing Service icon

Automated Mailing Service

Connections is integrated with an automated mailing service. You can choose to send custom mail pieces automatically based on loan events or triggers. You can also manually send them when needed.
The mail service with print, address, and mail physical pieces that could include payoff quotes, loan contracts, or any other documents. These documents are created using dynamic LoanPro templates so they contain information that is specific to a loan or customer.
Credit Score icon

Credit Score Retrieval

Connections is integrated with a service that lets you pull credit from one or more of the major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, Transunion, Innovis). You can choose to pull scores and a full credit report. The credit report will be automatically downloaded and attached to a customer’s file so you will always have the information.



Connections lets you test your customers against the OFAC SDN list. This check is required to ensure you aren’t lending to prohibited borrowers.

VIN icon

VIN Decoding

Connections is integrated with VinLink to enable a lookup of vehicle years, makes, and models based on the VIN. This allows for easy entry of loan or collateral information.

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