At LoanPro, we recently completed a large effort to change our brand and image. This includes adopting a new logo, a modified name, and a simplified product structure. As part of our new brand, we’ve created a brand book, the definitive instruction on how our logo, colors, and brand elements should be used.

We want to share our brand book along with a pack that also includes images and other files, so that any individual, partner, or affiliate who has permission to use our logo or branding can have access to approved, high-quality resources. These resources can be found on our website.

We are proud of our new brand and image and the commitment they represent to helping lenders see their loan data clearly. Internally, we are engaged in the objective to continually improve our people, products, and processes. We have shifted our focus to the things that matter most to us and our customers, with the intent to strip away anything that doesn’t add value.

We hope our customers, employees, and partners can sense the improvement and focus this rebranding brings.

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