Introducing The New LoanPro Chief Engineering Officer

Cooper Smith, Chief Engineering Officer

Congratulations Cooper Smith!

LoanPro is pleased to announce the promotion of long-time employee and friend, Cooper Smith to the position of Chief Engineering Officer! Cooper will oversee the Customer Solutions, Project Specifications, and User Acceptance Testing departments. Cooper has shown exemplary understanding and leadership within his expertise and developed a team of professionals that LoanPro is proud to call our own.

Cooper oversees work that is fundamental to the growth and success of LoanPro and LoanPro customers including, new-feature product specifications, use recommendations, user acceptance testing, solutions architecting, and the customization of customer accounts. Cooper Has been with the LoanPro team for over 7 years. His work, determination, and extensive knowledge and experience have led to his promotion from within. He will assume his new role on January 1, 2021.

We congratulate Cooper on his new position and have the utmost confidence in his continued success.

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